Whether it is in our business or personal lives we have all experienced the feeling of having our foundation upset.  A diagnosis, a bankruptcy or a lawsuit can leave us feeling that our core has been shaken.  At times like these, it is not difficult to fall into despair and lose all hope.  A feeling of resentment can wash over us and we begin to stop caring to the little details of life and business.

Details are how we have distanced ourselves from our competitors.  It is the small things, like the well-planned packaging on the iPhone or the warm smile from the grocery store cashier that confirm that we as consumers have made the right decision.  If life gets so hectic that we begin to lose focus on these areas, we may lose the competitive advantage that made us successful in the past.

With any storm that appears to seek our demise, we need to recognize it for what it is – a passing event.  Some events are longer than others.  Maybe the fight to get back on solid ground will take a month, a year or a even a decade.

It is for these possible events that it is so important to have a strong foundation set.  Social media and websites may appear ‘fluffy’ and unnecessary, but they will prove to be lifelines in times of stormy weather.  A well thought-out website and list of goals and objectives will serve as an anchor in times of uncertainty and doubt.

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